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Door Supervisor and Emergency First Aid 

Do You Love The community?

Then this is the right course for you. As a Door Supervisor or Security officer, you are not only helping the community you also entering a good career.


The Security Industry Authority (SIA) provides courses for different kinds of supervision. It requires a person who is willing to obtain a Door Supervision Licence or CCTV Operation Licence. It means that a person who is willing to work in a security setup would undergo a series of training which will make him or her eligible to get a licence, mandatory in the UK for becoming a door supervisor. In the first instance, the Door Supervision Course has been spread over a wide area of modules, such as working in the private security industry, as door supervision, conflict management in a respectful manner, emergency first aid at work (EFAW), physical intervention and countering terrorism awareness.


What is the course about?

The course provides a pathway for interested people to get a licence for playing their role in the aforementioned categories under the Security Industry Authority. The vast domain of SIA not only covers the above-mentioned features of the course but also deals in excellent customer services, the procedure of searching, effective measures to deal with conflicts, prevention of drugs, and escorting customers from the premises where danger is observed. The qualification is aimed to provide those who want to be security guards or door supervisors with proper guidance and eligibility for a licence, since the Private Security Industry Act, 2001 in the UK allows those as a private security guard who has a proper licence under the Act.


Requirement for the course:

Students must have minimum English level 1 reading, writing, speaking knowledge.

Students must provide One ID( Photo Identification documents like Passport )

and two Proof of address like a recent bank statement, utility bill, council tax bill etc.


Major Features of The Course:

Due to its broad horizon, the door supervisor course refers to cover the following areas in its domain to get a person eligible for the licence:

  • Emergency First Aid at Work.
  • Physical Intervention.
  • Customer Services.
  • The SIA (Security Industry Agency) and Licensing.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Searching & Reporting Procedures.
  • Relevant Laws.
  • Education Regarding Drugs.
  • Strategies To Resolve Conflicts.
  • Counter-Terrorism Awareness.
  • Strategies To Prevent Attacks and Attackers.
  • Strategies To Escort a Customer From The Premises Of Attack.


In a nutshell, the course is about all the necessary features a client would look into while hiring a private door supervisor with a valid licence under the private security Act.


Purpose of Door Supervisor & Licence:

It is evident that Door Supervisors are tasked with security measures undertaken. It is the responsibility of the door supervisors to look into venues for which they are hired and are considered to search every single person, especially underage people. Door supervisors are also responsible for searching for weapons and drugs if any. Primarily the job description of the door supervisors is to search suspects in premises for which the door supervisors are hired and inform the authorities to arrest and charge anyone who violates, does anything against the law or infringes the private property of a customer without his/her consent. However, if an unfortunate incident happens, due to their refined skills in first aid, the door supervisors provide first aid instantly. Only a licenced door supervisor is allowed to work in a private security industry who avails licence after completing their qualifications with respect to door supervisors and conducted under the rules and laws forwarded under the Security Industry Act.



Door Supervisor Training:

This course usually runs over for a period of 7 days where it stresses and teaches the following four (5) units:

  1. Emergency First Aid work.
  2. Working in the Private Security Industry.
  3. Working as a Door Supervisor Within the Private Security Industry.
  4. Speedy & Effective Conflict Management Within the Private Security Industry.
  5. Training on Physical Intervention Skills Module.

It is also important to mention here that there should be a minimum of 50 contact hours maintained between the trainer and the learners. The contact hours exclude the time for assessments and breaks. After the training and education which span over a period of 7 days are completed, a multiple-choice exam and an assessment are conducted to formally evaluate the candidates and their candidature for a valid licence.


Benefits Of Door Supervisor Licence & Customers:

As it is clear already that security is a thriving industry and every company now and then looks for professional door supervisors. Having a door supervisor licence provides detailed guidance over a large portion of protection and mitigating conflicts if any arise. It is also considered as a second and sidelined job for many people, especially students. Once you get a licence, your demand will increase with the passage of time and professional experience. On part of the clients, door supervisors are important for controlling security concerns, especially at night pubs and other licensed premises.

Jobs and

Benefit With Us:

Free Digital Study Materials.

Free E-Certificate.

Free Retake of Exam If student Failed (Although we have a 98% Pass rate)

Free consultation for job hunting.

Free consultation with the tutor.   


Jobs and Salary:

Door supervisors work in airports, Public buildings, Pubs, Clubs, Retail, Universities and 100s of sectors and it is the most market demanding sector in the united kingdom. Do you know as a Door Supervisor/Security officer you can earn £10 to £15 an hour and an experienced security officer can earn up to £30,000 and a security manager can earn up to £48000.



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